Peer into one of the darkest spots in The Void & Explore the various mysteries of the universe.


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reptilian humanoid visiting planet earth.

Listing of known real alien races with UFO images. Mars news, Bigfoot news, mermaids shark attack, the ancient pyramids, paranormal events, time travelers, and more!

Secrets of Easter Island and the Moai

Easter Island Moai statues and thier secrets revealed.

Easter Island - Moai.



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In the infinite Void of darkness, a single candle's flame flickers it's brightest.

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UFO Image Archive - I have spotted many UFOs in my lifetime. Strange lights in the sky at night and many objects duting the day. Here I have posted some of the pictures I have been able to capture.

Free F.B.I. Wanted: dead or Alive poster templates. - Page includes wanted posters that you can place your own profile image into. Great for posts on social media websites like Facebook, myspace and emails. Make wanted posters of your friends for a good laugh!

Cool Profile Screen Names - New web page with over 2000 unique profile and screen and display names. Pick from the many different cool screen names. Some of the profile screen name categories are, funny screen names, sexy screen names, unique profile names & plenty more.


Free Downloads - graphics & web master resources I've posted Online for free to those who wish to use them. A variety of cool free things.


Earning extra money Online - I have listed programs I personally used and have made extra money Online with. It is best to use several companies to earn extra money with since most have a limited earning potential. Several paydays add up to a larger chunk of extra earned income.


Google Site Submit - submit your website to the most popular search engine around for free! Increase your website visitors.

Bing web master tools - Bings collection of tools for web designers and bloggers. Submit your web sites to bing and use the various tools to increase your performance.


Playstation 4 - Reviews on different Sony Playstation 4 games I've played, some of my ps4 videos and other Playstation 4 news. I will also have cheat codes for Playstation games as they become available. There will also be game screen shots

Easter Island - Moai - Secrets of Easter island and the Moai.

BEK - Legend of the Black Eyed Kids. These young adults are Part a very strange mystery.

Alien Screen names - Cool Alien type screen names.

Nikki Minaj - Sexy images of that super fine Nikki Minaj!

Alien Resistance Squad - Support the human race from Alien invasions! Check out our group and post your opinions on the UFO and Alien phenomenon.

Clash of Clans - Visit my strategy website for the popular app game clash of clans. Tips and tricks

Leaked Alien images - Images from a government cover up of Aliens crash landing on earth. For over 70 years this fact has been with held from us.

photoshop backgrounds,textures and models

Graphic Artist Resource Store- Photoshop and digital graphic artist supplies. high resolution Photoshop texture sets, backgrounds, props, Original fantasy characters, free 3D models etc!


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In The Void Blog

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My own Top 10 lists

some links below are under construction.

1. Top ten scariest Images.

2. Top ten most convincing Alien photographs.

3. Top ten most believable encounters.

4. Top ten funniest animal videos.

5. Top ten ugliest people.

6. Top ten weirdest animals.

7. Top ten best booties.

8. Top ten cutest baby laughs.

9. Top ten most controversial people.

10. Top ten best Crop Circle images.


The Graphic Depot.

Free Photoshop .PSd files of charater clip art. Full art packages available.

Free Photoshop Resources & Daz3d Renders

Free Backgrounds

free high resolution Photoshop background images

Free high resolution Photoshop background images created by In The Void's graphic artist resource website.

Featured Product:

Alien Skin Textures

Alien skin and DNA samples Photoshop textures kit.

Alien Skin Photoshop text effect tutorial. - Here I give step by step instructions on how to do some great Alien Skin Photoshop cs6 text effects. This tutorial should also work in the same way for older versions of Photoshop.

Free Photoshop seamless texture sets - free Photoshop seamless backgrounds & texture sets I have created and posted. Download free graphics.

free Photoshop lion fish texure mermaid daz3d render

Daz 3D & Poser Renders - Free Daz 3d renders for Photoshop.

free photoshop flames effect .psd file. cool graphics

Cool free Photoshop downloads - free Photoshop .PSD files & graphic design resources.